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Tailor Sofa - Curio Cavern
Tailor Sofa - Curio Cavern

Tailor Sofa

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Portuguese designer Rui Alves was inspired to create The Tailor Sofa by the memory of his grandfather’s favorite tailor shop. An image of the tailors bent over work tables and of old wooden hangers holding grey suits has stayed with Rui.

Like that tailor shop, he has designed the Tailor Sofa to be authentic, with everything on display: “I wanted to show all of it, the structure, the beautiful oak wood. Nothing should be hidden, as is normally done in sofa design. The sofa is meant to be seen from all sides.”. It is especially beautiful from behind. The sofa has a light and airy appearance, the structured upholstered part supported by the wooden frame for a comfortable and practical sofa for everyday use. 

The frame is made of oak wood and holds a foam shell covered upholstery. The detail in the wood and the upholstery give the sofa a handmade look and all the wood joints are carefully designed to follow the round shape of the sofa. 

Dimensions: Height: 66 cm  Width: 180 cm  Depth:  69 cm  Sitting Height:  41 cm